Building a Cleaner Navigation in WordPress

Building a Cleaner Navigation in WordPress

This is something I’ve played around with for a couple years. I dislike the default output of the WordPress navigation walker, however, it has some useful qualities. Specifically, the classes on links, I use them quite a lot to style different states.

A lot of websites have a flat one-level navigation, which means, ideally the nav can and should look like this:

    <a href="/">This is a link</a>
    <a href="/">This is a link</a>
    <a href="/">This is a link</a>

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How to Deploy WordPress Themes using Git

How to Deploy WordPress themes using Git

So if you’re a developer worth your feed, you version control your projects. When I started using Git to version control my projects (custom WordPress themes) I quickly discovered, which let me deploy all updates and changes directly to the Wanderoak staging server where we test/debug sites and share with the client before an actual launch. It’s also the best way for my business partner, Bobbi, to view what I’m up to and give design feedback if I need it.

DeployBot is awesome, but you can only have one free repository and we usually have more than one project going at once. I almost signed up for the paid tier, but you see, I’m a cheap-skate sometimes, so I figured, there has to be a way for me to do this with git natively, I mean remote pushes are something I do all the time!

It took about 2 hours, 7 billion Chrome tabs and a lot of frowning at my computer but I figured it out! This is only the first version so it may be a bit more verbose than it needs to be, but it works and is easy to replicate. Continue reading

Fake It Till You Make It

I got my first contract bluffing my way through the entire phone call. I knew WordPress, but I had never created a theme. I knew some HTML, but I had no idea how to use JavaScript to create the fancy menu they wanted. They also wanted me to make a logo. I’d never made a logo in my life. I didn’t even have Photoshop on my Mac.

I was 15. I got the contract because my Dad told someone who told someone else that his daughter knew about websites. And I mean. I did. HTML static websites of the 90’s. I was just starting to get back into the web development world, this time as a teenager instead of a kid who was just obsessed with creating anime-themed websites for other anime-obsessed people I only knew through the Internet.

But sure, I told them, I’ll do it. I had figured everything else out. I’d figure this out too! I charged them $50, to me that seemed like a huge amount. Then realized I had to get them hosting. I had no idea what hosting even was. I told you. I was just starting out. So then I had to go back and tell them it was going to cost money to get a host and domain. I felt like an idiot. But I told them. They gave me more money, and my dad used his credit card to buy the hosting and domain for them. Continue reading

A Love Note to Brackets

A great number of my work days involve coding, naturally, since I’m a self-employed web developer. I’ve been through my fair share of text editors including TextMate, Kod, Coda, Sublime Text (a very popular one), Xcode (built-in so why not?), TextWrangler, BBEdit, and probably others I’m forgetting. I was forever experimenting and trying out new ones. Until one day, I’ve no idea how (maybe it was Twitter. Maybe it was a google search. I’ve no clue. Maybe it was in my feed reader.), I stumbled upon Brackets.

And it changed me.

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