Tips for Better Instagram Photos

tips for better instagram photos

I love Instagram, I think it’s a great platform and it has definitely played a role in my increasing fascination with photography and desire to up my game. So I sought out and started to follow some Instagrammers who took photos I found inspiring and beautiful. I routinely go through their Instagram feed and study their photographs. 

Right on cue, Social Media Breakfast announced their March talk about Instagram! Perfect. I signed up and attended the talk by a pretty cool local Instagrammer Carmyn Joy. A lot of the stuff she spoke about I already knew, but there were some pretty great nuggets in the talk and I really enjoyed the business perspective by the guest speaker Devin Komarniski. (You can watch the talk here.)

Onto the tips! Continue reading

My Favourite Pizza Crust Recipe

Super Easy Pizza Crust

We’ve been making a lot of pizza around here because I finally got around to buying more yeast! I created this recipe during my second year of university and it has served me extremely well. It makes a fantastic large thin crust pizza that has just the right texture and taste. I’m a huge huge fan. We made 3 pizzas on Monday, just because we could and it’s great for lunches during the week..and snacks..and breakfast..and dinner. Pizza all day, everyday. :D

AND I’ve finally gotten around to formatting my recipes better! You can now print off the recipe for use and it just looks prettier. I’m working on converting my other recipes to the same format. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve even got some step-by-step style photos. Are you excited? Because I am. :) Continue reading

(Re)Growing Romaine Lettuce

regrow romaine lettuce

I saw it first on Pinterest last year, put the bottoms of green onion in water and it’ll regrow itself! I tried it, it worked, I thought it was cool. Then some time ago, somewhere on Pinterest, I saw a post about all these other vegetables you can also regrow from their bottoms, including lettuce.

Now this felt useful. I use lettuce in my meals almost everyday. It’s a staple. The idea of being able to regrow my own lettuce, fresh and crisp, was very appealing. So I tried it. And oh man, did it work. It’s awesome plant magic, and the leaves look so crisp and fresh, I have to stop myself from just plucking a few off for a sandwich. Continue reading

#aagarden – My Indoor Garden


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my little indoor garden, I instagram it very frequently under the hashtag #aagarden. OOOH I love this project!

One of my March goals was to grow a plant. Well. I didn’t get around to it until March 24 when I finally planted my first basil seeds. But stuff didn’t really get crazy till April, when I went all out and bought a lot of different types of seeds and planted all of them. At first it seemed like a failure, nothing was sprouting, it was all taking way longer than anyone had told me, but then it changed! Now it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with my little indoor garden and excited with every little development I see on a daily basis. Continue reading

The Daily Experiment


Email is more personal. It’s easier to open up more in email. I was playing around with these thoughts and The Daily Experiment was born. To those who want it, I send an email everyday (almost. I did miss one day), the subject varies. So far topics have included sleep, movies, Captain America, proactive action, and tactics (for life).

If you email me (something real, not something like, hiii, you’re awesome, can you pay me $5), I will respond. It’s a fun way to get to know each other, and it gets me writing on a more personal level daily. So if you’re interested, join my mailing list and be sure to specify that you want to get The Daily Experiment.