Fun Times and More to Come!

I was mentoring at Introduction to Photoshop for Girls Learning Code hosted by ChicGeek today. It was my second time and it was a blast! Both times, I thoroughly enjoyed blowing the minds of the teens with the cool stuff they could do on their computer, first with code, and then today, with Photoshop. As you may have gathered from the photo, there was a green screen and fun props and we all had our pictures taken. Continue reading

#DecembersMagic – Celebrate Magic Moments

You guys, IT’S DECEMBER! Let’s start a new tradition.

December is my magic month. For people who celebrate Christmas, there’s all sorts of things they do to make this special month. But Christmas is not really my reason, my reason is that it’s the last month of the year, it’s the month you can’t help but think about the past year: what went well, what didn’t go so well, what surprised you, the good and the bad. It’s when we start thinking about the new year, our hopes for it, and even if you don’t believe in resolutions, admit it, you want to make resolutions.

This month is magic. To celebrate it, I’m going to be posting a photo every single day of something that inspires magic in my life this month. 31 days of magic moments shared with the hashtag #DecembersMagic (because December is magic).

I will be sharing on Instagram and if you decide to join me in celebrating magic this month, I hope you’ll use the hashtag and take 31 moments to appreciate and invite magic into your life.

Magic can mean anything you want it to. Magic for me is excitement, gratitude, love, surprise, happiness. It’s that oomph that makes a moment or a day special. It’s also something you is there but maybe you don’t quite feel it until you paid attention. Magic is big. Magic is also small.

Magic is snowflakes landing on a branch. Magic is laughing at a moment in a movie with Mom. Magic is going on a random drive with your brother. Magic is creating something amazing with your best friend. Magic just is.

Magic occurs in the noticing. All of those things can be just ordinary moments in your life, or you can choose to appreciate them and really live them, and suddenly they are imbued with something that wasn’t there before.


The Sun Is Rising

I’m listening to The Sun is Rising by Britt Nicole. This song is awesome. It’s the most apt song for the last 5 months. It’s disappointed with what happened, bewildered that a future you thought was written in stone could vanish in a matter of two words, even more bewildered when a new future shows up – one you never saw coming or expected or thought possible in your life – and hopeful, as the pain and hurt subsides, that the sun will, indeed, rise, that it is rising. It’s a beautiful world. And sunrises are pretty damn gorgeous.

My favourite day in the whole year is my birthday. My birthday is on December 31st. You know why it’s my favourite? Continue reading

The Little Things

We don’t appreciate the little things enough. We don’t give enough credit to the little things that make our day. Often, those little things are alluding to something greater, if we take the time to notice.

I was walking home from the bus stop, the sky was clear, there was music in my ears, and I felt incredibly happy. Why wouldn’t I be? I was enjoying some great music, it was a great day for a walk, and I was almost home after a long day. It was more than that though. You see, I had just spent a long day with two new friends and we had sparked. Sparked.

That rare feeling you have with someone new and you just know, given some nurturing, this could turn into a fantastic friendship. Then we rode the bus home together, and I got off first. There was a bounce in my step and excitement in my heart for what could be. Then I noticed how great the weather was. Yes. It was a good day, indeed. Continue reading

Defining ‘A Good Time’ (+ A Bit on Kindness)

Somehow, November has revolved around this one idea. The idea of ‘a good time’. I arrived at this post in a very roundabout way. So humour me a little. This story starts with a boy I met this month. He is tall, a little quiet, and has a gentle light-hearted smile. His smile was the first thing I noticed. But because he didn’t speak very much, I didn’t pay much attention to him. Until one very small moment.

There were quite a few of us. I had met almost everyone a couple times at least at different events I’ve been going to, but he was new. There was a lot of noise and a lot of things were going on. A woman was very confused about the joke everyone was splitting their sides over, she was getting upset over it. He was sitting two people away from her, and leaned forward and quietly explained the joke. She heard him, got it, and started to laugh. I only noticed because I was sitting close by and had seen her starting to get upset; I was about to gesture to her friend to see what was up, when that happened.

There’s nothing especially amazing about what he did. Anyone could have done what he did. But it was his tone. Continue reading

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