A Tiny Declaration

So I’m sitting at my desk, talking to my Dude about how there was a sale on domains and I was thinking of buying a few for some ideas I had, and somehow the conversation turned towards this space: my blog. I found myself linking pieces to him as I went through the archives, the crazy ones, the emotional ones, the ones that stood out as me being vulnerable to the world by putting it out there publicly.

I told him, this blog is like my journal – but about the moments that stand out. Continue reading “A Tiny Declaration”

How to Deploy WordPress Themes using Git

So if you’re a developer worth your feed, you version control your projects. When I started using Git to version control my projects (custom WordPress themes) I quickly discovered deploybot.com, which let me deploy all updates and changes directly to the Wanderoak staging server where we test/debug sites and share with the client before an actual launch. It’s also the best way for my business partner, Bobbi, to view what I’m up to and give design feedback if I need it.

DeployBot is awesome, but you can only have one free repository and we usually have more than one project going at once. I almost signed up for the paid tier, but you see, I’m a cheap-skate sometimes, so I figured, there has to be a way for me to do this with git natively, I mean remote pushes are something I do all the time!

It took about 2 hours, 7 billion Chrome tabs and a lot of frowning at my computer but I figured it out! This is only the first version so it may be a bit more verbose than it needs to be, but it works and is easy to replicate. Continue reading “How to Deploy WordPress Themes using Git”

One Little Word 2016 and a Quick 2015 Recap

It’s crazy to think this is my fourth year choosing one little word for the year (here’s where I got the idea from). Action, rise, win, and now comes the fourth. Last year was about winning. It was about victories, more specifically, internal victories. As Stephen Covey would say, the change starts from within. So when you win within, you win without. Continue reading “One Little Word 2016 and a Quick 2015 Recap”

Work Wise: Putting in the Time

I think it’s time to start a new occasional series, and I’m calling it Work Wise. I’ve noticed that I share very little about the work I do. There is currently a business blog in the works (Bobbi‘s designed it already, I just need to code it.), which is badly needed. However, there is still a lot of space for a more personal take on not just Wanderoak but also on working in general.

I am, after all, a 22-year-old young woman who co-founded a design & development studio, working remotely. There is a lot of curiosity around what I do and I’d like to not only dispel some of that curiosity but also add to the conversation around remote work, online businesses, and entrepreneurship in general. Continue reading “Work Wise: Putting in the Time”

Practicing the Craft of Writing

When I started blogging, I found that if I worried too much about good writing, I ended up publishing nothing at all. To combat this, I started writing in the WordPress post editor and hitting publish after a quick read and some hasty revision. Hitting publish on my writing got easier and easier. I pushed my privacy boundaries and wrote about things I rarely shared with people and got good at publishing those pieces too.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, I’d write an inspired piece, something that spilled out of me practically perfect. These were almost always short pieces written right after an emotional peak; still high enough on emotion to do it justice but not so high that I couldn’t articulate it thoughtfully. Continue reading “Practicing the Craft of Writing”