On My Mind: Figuring Out How to Organize My Crazy Life

The end of January is looming in my mind’s eye. And frankly, I’m starting to get a little frantic. I’ve done a lot in January, and yet I have this sense of not going fast enough. I want to move faster. I want to make more progress. This all is going to take discipline.

I’ve never been what I would call disciplined. I don’t think anyone has ever used that word to describe me. I can be supremely focussed when I want to. But that usually is me focussing on one thing to the exclusion of all other things. Literally, everything else generally falls apart while I do this.

I’m attempting to lead a more wholesome life this year. This means learning how to juggle. I cannot balance..I think the idea of a balanced life is pretty much bullshit. People who live balanced lives live boring lives. I’m not interested in a boring life.

So how do I accomplish the things I want to accomplish, keep my life zesty, and still get the 8-9 hours of sleep I crave every night? Continue reading

Fake It Till You Make It

I got my first contract bluffing my way through the entire phone call. I knew WordPress, but I had never created a theme. I knew some HTML, but I had no idea how to use JavaScript to create the fancy menu they wanted. They also wanted me to make a logo. I’d never made a logo in my life. I didn’t even have Photoshop on my Mac.

I was 15. I got the contract because my Dad told someone who told someone else that his daughter knew about websites. And I mean. I did. HTML static websites of the 90’s. I was just starting to get back into the web development world, this time as a teenager instead of a kid who was just obsessed with creating anime-themed websites for other anime-obsessed people I only knew through the Internet.

But sure, I told them, I’ll do it. I had figured everything else out. I’d figure this out too! I charged them $50, to me that seemed like a huge amount. Then realized I had to get them hosting. I had no idea what hosting even was. I told you. I was just starting out. So then I had to go back and tell them it was going to cost money to get a host and domain. I felt like an idiot. But I told them. They gave me more money, and my dad used his credit card to buy the hosting and domain for them. Continue reading

The Story of Glide: Theme #1 in 26in52

I’ve had the craziest week. It was the second week back from holidays and it felt like the world took the first week to start its engines in the second week hit the accelerator so hard I don’t even know where the week went. I didn’t start coding my theme until Wednesday night. Then I worked on it Thursday night. Feverishly tried to finish it in between a mother load of work yesterday when I had hoped to release it, and now I’m sitting here at 12:20 am Saturday, writing this post.

I had quite a few ambitions for this particular theme but with the lack of time left in the week, I had to cut many of them out. In fact, in a way, I would say this is an incomplete theme.

Let’s peddle back for a second though. 

Before the development came the design.

Now, this I was full out nervous for. I think I have a pretty good eye for design, but historically, I’ve not been very good at designing things for myself. Continue reading

How I Met The Crazy One

INTRODUCING a blogging collaboration called 12TOPICS. Each month has a topic. On the second Tuesday of every month, we’ll be writing a post based on a prompt about the topic we decided on from our own perspectives + experiences. On the last Tuesday of every month, our 12TOPICS posts will be about that topic more generally. 

We won’t be sharing our posts with each other ahead of time. We want to make sure you truly get our own, separate perspectives (+ the surprise factor is so much more fun for us as well!) I’m so excited for this collab!

This month’s topic is friendship. Today’s prompt is: HOW I MET THE CRAZY ONE.

Haha. You know. I came up with this question. Probably because I’ve asked myself this question a number of times. There’s no definitive answer, because she’s one of those people I can’t imagine my life without. So when I met her..the life integration was seamless. I only know a few more people like that in my life, and they’ve all been extremely important to me. Bobbi Reyda, however, is the only one who is still here.

I think I met her at the introductory floor meeting in International House that very first week of first year at University of Alberta. I can’t remember a day before that when I talked to her. She was wearing this blue and white striped tank top (which I still make fun of to this very day) and looked like a very typical white shy girl. I think the reason we talked was because she was the person on my right. I introduced myself, because I was the loud talkative one, and I was on some sort of I-DON’T-KNOW-ANYONE-SO-TALK-TO-EVERYONE craze. Continue reading

Don’t Give a Fuck

This was going to be many posts. In the end, I literally pushed away from my desk and muttered FUCK THIS SHIT.

And in honour of not giving a fuck, let me share the most epic post you will read today.


And you, my friend, need to read this.

Also, Mark Manson, you’re rad, dude. Like. Seriously.

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