Defining ‘A Good Time’ (+ A Bit on Kindness)

Somehow, November has revolved around this one idea. The idea of ‘a good time’. I arrived at this post in a very roundabout way. So humour me a little. This story starts with a boy I met this month. He is tall, a little quiet, and has a gentle light-hearted smile. His smile was the first thing I noticed. But because he didn’t speak very much, I didn’t pay much attention to him. Until one very small moment.

There were quite a few of us. I had met almost everyone a couple times at least at different events I’ve been going to, but he was new. There was a lot of noise and a lot of things were going on. A woman was very confused about the joke everyone was splitting their sides over, she was getting upset over it. He was sitting two people away from her, and leaned forward and quietly explained the joke. She heard him, got it, and started to laugh. I only noticed because I was sitting close by and had seen her starting to get upset; I was about to gesture to her friend to see what was up, when that happened.

There’s nothing especially amazing about what he did. Anyone could have done what he did. But it was his tone. Continue reading

A Love Note to Brackets

A great number of my work days involve coding, naturally, since I’m a self-employed web developer. I’ve been through my fair share of text editors including TextMate, Kod, Coda, Sublime Text (a very popular one), Xcode (built-in so why not?), TextWrangler, BBEdit, and probably others I’m forgetting. I was forever experimenting and trying out new ones. Until one day, I’ve no idea how (maybe it was Twitter. Maybe it was a google search. I’ve no clue. Maybe it was in my feed reader.), I stumbled upon Brackets.

And it changed me.

That’s right. A text editor changed me. Continue reading

5 Things Journalling Taught Me

I’ve been journalling for more than a decade. Here’s what I’ve learned.

How to Obsess Over Every Detail

I think some of you read that as a bad thing. On the contrary, I think it’s one of the best things ever! Do you know how many things in life you have to pay attention to small details of? Coding. Clothing. Bits of food stuck to plates. The slightly crooked picture frame throwing off the entire wall. Dust. Finger prints on your computer screen. The sliver of light coming in from under the door that’s not letting you fall asleep. The fact that someone didn’t add a period to that text on purpose.

I can analyse the shit out of anything. Essays, great novels, horrible movies, two short texts from that guy my friend is crushing on, anything.

I got really good at this because even though I start out a journal entry with every intention of talking about my whole day, I end up writing 5 pages about this one subject, figuring it out from every angle, exploring every relevant tangent. And you know what? I almost always have a better grasp on life because of it. Continue reading

My Favourite Stars

A couple weeks ago, the sky was so clear, I could see constellations while standing right next to a street light. I was listening to this song when I happened to glance up and freeze. I was deep in thought. I had walked for nearly an hour around and around the block. I didn’t expect to see the stars. My mind was clouded, I was confused and unsettled.

Then I looked up and there were stars.

Not just any stars. It was Cassiopeia, the constellation that means so much to me I have it inked into my arm. Then I glanced to the left, and there was the Big Dipper, right there at eye level. Like someone had purposely shifted the world around so I could see it hanging perfectly against the dark backdrop.

There’s road construction happening near my parents’ house and there is a field of dirt that will one day be a road, but for now just loose dirt. There isn’t a single light and it’s quite a big field. So after a moment or two’s hesitation, a few glances here and there, I stepped into the darkness. Continue reading

Overcoming Social Anxiety

When I moved to Calgary this summer, I developed a type of social anxiety. I wasn’t sure how to make friends, I wasn’t sure if I was going to fit in, I wasn’t sure how to create a life here. I worried constantly. And it was weird and definitely out of character.

I’m an introvert but I’ve never had trouble socializing. I’ve always had tons of friends, and although I’m no social butterfly (introvert, remember?), when I wanted it, I could have a fairly busy social calendar. But here I was, internally a nervous wreck because I was in a city I didn’t know anyone in. Continue reading

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