#saarubia Trip to Pakistan

A little summary of our trip to Pakistan, plus a video of our trip – which is also the first project in #100DaysOfAuroobaMakes.

January 2019

A little recap of the month of January and check-in on my goals for the year so far.

Cooking Basics: A Starter Kitchen Toolset

These are the basic kitchen tools you need to outfit your kitchen with before you can start cooking properly. You don’t need a lot to cook all sorts of things, but you do need some things.

Cookings Basics: An Introduction

An introduction to the cooking basics series, how I got into cooking, and what this series will include. It’s going to be real fun, folks!

Honeymoon in Hawai’i: Oahu

The sights we saw and the food we ate in Oahu during our honeymoon in Hawaii. As the first island we visited, we loved Oahu – it was a great way to ease into the Hawaii vibe.

2019 One Little Word + Goals

I’m so excited about my one little word for 2019 and the corresponding goals. After not setting and following anything like this in 2018, this feels like a remarkably more structured and inspirational start for this year.