2017 Annual Review

What a year. While I was living the year, I didn’t feel like I accomplished much or that anything particularly big happened. Then I sat down and thought about it. What. A. Year. January January was gentle. Getting into the swing of things. Getting ready for a trip. Starting Pandemic Legacy with friends. Coding. Baking […]

Fresh Perspectives

I'm sitting at my desk and facing an entirely new direction. Why? I changed the configuration of my room significantly. I'm not quite done with the space part of my revamp, but it's getting there. I'll write about it once it's done. Maybe next week? In the meantime, facing a new direction has me thinking […]

Creating Consistency

A candid conversation about consistency (or the lack thereof) and its impact in my personal life. Also, what I’m doing to address it. This also counts as a comeback to the blog, and as my first actual post in 2017.

How to Buy a Fall Coat

Pick a maximum of 3 non-negotiable criterion for your coat. I chose 1) either red or blue, but preferably red, 2) Can’t have that buttons to the side style because my old coat was like that and I’m bored with that look and 3) under $100 but if I really love it, then a stretch […]

Let’s Not Be Bullies

I was in the car going home and I tiredly remarked, “When will life become something steady?” Within an hour or so, the feeling passed. I didn’t sign up for a safe life. I’ve always done things things a bit..differently? weirdly? I don’t always do things people agree with. Actually, I can usually be found […]

Building a Cleaner Navigation in WordPress

I’ve decided to start publishing my web development articles and tutorials exclusively on the Wanderoak blog, which you may know, is my company. Head on over there to read more articles you’ll enjoy, if you like this one. This is something I’ve played around with for a couple years. I dislike the default output of […]