Hi there,

It seems you’ve stumbled upon my little space on the Internet. I am Aurooba. 26, Canadian, Muslim and Desi. This space has been many things over the years: a place to rant, a place to reflect, a place that serves as my soapbox, a place to teach, a place to inform, a place to just be. This blog evolves as I evolve. It’s a public record far more revealing than any other social media record. It is my online home.

I recently revamped the space a little, edited down the published posts, and set up a new only-partially-finished design, which I will keep tweaking. So I don’t have much more to add here yet, but eventually, this will go back to being an in depth page that fulfills the curiosity that brought you here in the first place. In the meantime, feel free to explore.

– Aurooba

P.S.: If you’re really curious, head on over to https://auroobaahmed.com if you haven’t already.