Get a list of all registered block patterns

Get a list of all registered Block Patterns in the WordPress Block Editor

Here is how you can get a list of all registered block patterns. It’s a handy little function I created to spit out a list an array of all the registered pattern’s names.

 * Get an array of the names of all registered block patterns
 * @return array $pattern_names
function get_block_pattern_names_list() {
    $get_patterns  = WP_Block_Patterns_Registry::get_instance()->get_all_registered();
    $pattern_names = array_map(
        function ( array $pattern ) {
            return $pattern['name'];
    return $pattern_names;

I use this to selectively remove all Core block patterns from the list of registered block patterns:

 * Block Pattern removal
 * @return void
function remove_all_core_block_patterns() {

    // Remove all Core Patterns
    $registered_patterns = get_block_pattern_names_list();
    foreach ( $registered_patterns as $pattern_name ) {
        // if the name starts with 'core' remove it
        if ( substr( $pattern_name, 0, strlen( 'core' ) ) === 'core' ) {
            unregister_block_pattern( $pattern_name );

add_action( 'init', 'remove_all_core_block_patterns' );

You could alternatively return the $get_patterns variable if you need access to all the settings of each pattern or modify the array_map function to return something else for each pattern. To learn more about the WP_Block_Patterns_Registry class, check out the core code.

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