Current WordPress contributions

This is a quick little page to help me keep track of the work I am doing within the WordPress community and the work I want to tackle next. It also serves as an easy link if anyone else gets curious.


Currently working on a refresh of the lesson plan, Introduction to Common Plugins (link goes to a draft only accessible to people with permissions) This is complete and ready for copyediting and proofreading in the #training team.


Currently working on a File Block bug: #10967

Also working on a simple/easy fix for this UX bug for the Buttons Block: #38338

Adding clearer documentation around the update to how block.json is scanned in @wordpress/scripts. #38379


Once the file block bug is tackled, I want to address the PDF Thumbnail feature (#15097) request by incorporating it into the File Block.

Contribution Documentation

We definitely need better Contribution documentation for Gutenberg, and I want to think through a proposal and start working on it after I’m done with the LearnWP lesson.

Relevant Twitter thread:

Things I’m keeping an eye on

These are easy to reach for links for me, but also anyone who gets curious and lands on this page.