How to Buy a Fall Coat

Pick a maximum of 3 non-negotiable criterion for your coat. I chose 1) either red or blue, but preferably red, 2) Can’t have that buttons to the side style because my old coat was like that and I’m bored with that look and 3) under $100 but if I really love it, then a stretch […]

Getting Stronger – Weightlifting is my Favourite

I was introduced to resistance/strength training in grade 9 by the fantastic Mrs. Haswell at The Woodlands School. We used free weights but a lot of our strength training revolved around machines. I distinctly remember hating the pec deck but also wanting to use it as much as possible because I hated how weak it […]

Ishqr and God and Love

Back in January, an email from Ishqr dropped in my inbox. I’d read some of the posts they sponsored on different Muslim sites, so the name was familiar. Essentially, they are a Muslim dating website. You don’t see people’s real names, ever, unless they tell you themselves, and you can only see each other’s picture […]

WIN at 2015

Last post in my Annual Review series (check out the first post here and the second post here) ! I also turned 22 today on the last day of 2014. 🙂 As usual, I’ve been thinking about what my one little word for 2015 will be since..October. And ended up deciding at the stroke of […]

Annual Review: What Happened in 2014

Welcome to the first post in my Annual Review. I’m going to be honest, this series, though I’m sure entertaining for some of you, is primarily written for me. I’m finding this blog is the best journal I’ve got, so this is going to be personal (though we all know, I get personal around here […]

The Little Things

We don’t appreciate the little things enough. We don’t give enough credit to the little things that make our day. Often, those little things are alluding to something greater, if we take the time to notice. — I was walking home from the bus stop, the sky was clear, there was music in my ears, […]

My Favourite Stars

A couple weeks ago, the sky was so clear, I could see constellations while standing right next to a street light. I was listening to this song when I happened to glance up and freeze. I was deep in thought. I had walked for nearly an hour around and around the block. I didn’t expect […]

Overcoming Social Anxiety

When I moved to Calgary this summer, I developed a type of social anxiety. I wasn’t sure how to make friends, I wasn’t sure if I was going to fit in, I wasn’t sure how to create a life here. I worried constantly. And it was weird and definitely out of character. I’m an introvert […]

Go Be You

I’ve been thinking about fate, lately. About what’s ‘meant’ to happen, what does happen, and what our role is in all of that. This past week, I helped a friend get through a really bad break up. I also went to a fantastic event. And it all just made me think. In business, the first […]