2019 One Little Word + Goals

I’m so excited about my one little word for 2019 and the corresponding goals. After not setting and following anything like this in 2018, this feels like a remarkably more structured and inspirational start for this year.

WIN at 2015

Last post in my Annual Review series (check out the first post here and the second post here) ! I also turned 22 today on the last day of 2014. 🙂 As usual, I’ve been thinking about what my one little word for 2015 will be since..October. And ended up deciding at the stroke of […]

Annual Review: Envisioning 2015

Welcome to the second post in the 2014 Annual Review series (you can find the first post here). I’m going to be honest, this series, though I’m sure entertaining for some of you, is primarily written for me. I’m finding this blog is the best journal I’ve got, so this is going to be personal. Setting […]

Oh Action, Oh 2013

My 2013 word, action, served me well. Better than I expected. It had come to me easily, and although I forgot about it for a while, the intention behind that word impacted my year tremendously. I look back at the year, and I see a lot of action.

My 2013 Word + A Book Club

Numerous bloggers have some sort of spin on this idea. Ali Edwards calls it her ‘one little word‘, Chris Guillebeau call it his ‘annual theme‘, etc. The idea is to choose a word or phrase that you would like to focus on in the new year. The driving purpose behind that year. You may have […]