Cooking Basics: A Starter Kitchen Toolset

These are the basic kitchen tools you need to outfit your kitchen with before you can start cooking properly. You don’t need a lot to cook all sorts of things, but you do need some things.

Cookings Basics: An Introduction

An introduction to the cooking basics series, how I got into cooking, and what this series will include. It’s going to be real fun, folks!

Intermittent Fasting Part 2

I wrote about this a while ago, and although I followed through, I totally forgot to write about it. Now many months later, after having done intermittent fasting for 3 separate months, I’ve got some thoughts.

Habanero Garlic Bread

At City Market Downtown, I picked up a bottle of Caribbean Habanero Pepper Sauce (extra spicy) from a booth selling mostly just these awesome sauces advertised as dipping sauce. Now, I love anything spicy, and this was a type of spicy that I didn’t usually taste, and I thought, pshhhhh, who says this can only be used […]

Experiments in Intermittent Fasting

Once again, I’ve been thinking about food and my relationship with it. I’ve tried the Paleo thing, liked it for a while, but definitely gave it up. Currently, I eat everything I want, but always include at least one Paleo dinner in the week. I don’t think of it as Paleo, I just think of […]

My Favourite Pizza Crust Recipe

We’ve been making a lot of pizza around here because I finally got around to buying more yeast! I created this recipe during my second year of university and it has served me extremely well. It makes a fantastic large thin crust pizza that has just the right texture and taste. I’m a huge huge […]

Chicken Chilli – Easiest Ever

I held a movie marathon at my place this past weekend and decided to make a big pot of chili, because comfort food and movies go together, right? This recipe is most definitely inspired by Beth’s Chipotle Chicken Chili, but first, I wasn’t able to get my hands on any chipotle peppers this time round […]

Disc O’ Chocolates!

So I had a party at my place over the (last, not this past) weekend. Every time I have a party, I like to try some new things. One of the ideas I tried out is something I’ve been obsessed about since December of last year: hot chocolate on a stick. It’s not the stick […]

Why Chefs Can Share Their Trade Secrets

So my housemates and I were talking one day over dinner about cooking. One of my housemates used to be a total cooking novice and now can cook pretty well. So Non-Novice Housemate goes, ‘I don’t really know why people complain about cooking. You follow the recipe, and it turns out good! What’s so hard […]