The Signature of All Things

The Signature of All Things

In one of the chapters of Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert describes the origins of her novel The Signature of All Things, it ties directly into the idea of passion emerging from following a spark of curiosity. This intrigued me and I immediately committed to reading that novel after finishing the book. It’s 3:30 am on Feb 15, as I start this piece. I started the book on Wednesday after publishing the review of Big Magic and I finished the book a couple of hours ago.

This is not a novel with a plot, not really. I think it is best described as a character study, sort of. Gilbert explored the world of botany through a family she invented – the Whittakers – particularly through Alma Whittaker, as we watch her grow up surrounded by botany and then obsessed with botany, herself. The entire book leads up to the emergence of the theory of natural selection. Continue reading

On the Big Magic of Creativity

On the Big Magic of Creativity

Disclaimer: If you’ve read any of my book reviews before, you know it’s less review and more reflection. I also only ‘review’ books that compel me to rant.

There are only two books on the subject of creativity that have thrilled me, renewed my desire to keep being creative, and became books I literally absorbed. Big Magic has joined their ranks: Continue reading

Ishqr and God and Love

rumi quote on love

Back in January, an email from Ishqr dropped in my inbox. I’d read some of the posts they sponsored on different Muslim sites, so the name was familiar. Essentially, they are a Muslim dating website. You don’t see people’s real names, ever, unless they tell you themselves, and you can only see each other’s picture if there is a mutual expression of interest.

All of that appeals to me. I like the idea of evaluating someone on the basis of their personality and how they present themselves before deciding on the physical attraction part. It’s not denying that looks and sexual attraction are important; it’s saying that before being blinded by physical attraction (as many do become, come on, admit it), you should see if you are attracted to the rest of that person. Continue reading

How I Met The Crazy One

How I Met the Crazy One

INTRODUCING a blogging collaboration called 12TOPICS. Each month has a topic. On the second Tuesday of every month, we’ll be writing a post based on a prompt about the topic we decided on from our own perspectives + experiences. On the last Tuesday of every month, our 12TOPICS posts will be about that topic more generally. 

We won’t be sharing our posts with each other ahead of time. We want to make sure you truly get our own, separate perspectives (+ the surprise factor is so much more fun for us as well!) I’m so excited for this collab!

This month’s topic is friendship. Today’s prompt is: HOW I MET THE CRAZY ONE.

Haha. You know. I came up with this question. Probably because I’ve asked myself this question a number of times. There’s no definitive answer, because she’s one of those people I can’t imagine my life without. So when I met her..the life integration was seamless. I only know a few more people like that in my life, and they’ve all been extremely important to me. Bobbi Reyda, however, is the only one who is still here.

I think I met her at the introductory floor meeting in International House that very first week of first year at University of Alberta. I can’t remember a day before that when I talked to her. She was wearing this blue and white striped tank top (which I still make fun of to this very day) and looked like a very typical white shy girl. I think the reason we talked was because she was the person on my right. I introduced myself, because I was the loud talkative one, and I was on some sort of I-DON’T-KNOW-ANYONE-SO-TALK-TO-EVERYONE craze. Continue reading

The Happiness of Pursuit

I’ve been a fan of Chris Guillebeau’s writing since 2009 when I first discovered his blog. One of my first orders of business after he published his first book was to drag Redhead into a Chapters and buy the book. I also probably finished the book before we got home.
But his third and latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, is on a whole different level. This book touches on something deeper, a yearning I, and I suspect many others, have: to do something greater in life, something grander. We grow up watching, playing, and learning the storyline of a quest and that just feeds this yearning. Often, we push that aside in the name of practicality or are just too afraid to believe we could or should do something grander in our life.

Continue reading