Positive Impact

A candid chat about making a positive impact in our daily lives and what that can look like.

The Signature of All Things

In one of the chapters of Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert describes the origins of her novel The Signature of All Things, it ties directly into the idea of passion emerging from following a spark of curiosity. This intrigued me and I immediately committed to reading that novel after finishing the book. It’s 3:30 am on […]

On the Big Magic of Creativity

Disclaimer: If you’ve read any of my book reviews before, you know it’s less review and more reflection. I also only ‘review’ books that compel me to rant. There are only two books on the subject of creativity that have thrilled me, renewed my desire to keep being creative, and became books I literally absorbed. […]

Ishqr and God and Love

Back in January, an email from Ishqr dropped in my inbox. I’d read some of the posts they sponsored on different Muslim sites, so the name was familiar. Essentially, they are a Muslim dating website. You don’t see people’s real names, ever, unless they tell you themselves, and you can only see each other’s picture […]

How I Met The Crazy One

INTRODUCING a blogging collaboration called 12TOPICS. Each month has a topic. On the second Tuesday of every month, we’ll be writing a post based on a prompt about the topic we decided on from our own perspectives + experiences. On the last Tuesday of every month, our 12TOPICS posts will be about that topic more generally.  We won’t […]

The Happiness of Pursuit

I’ve been a fan of Chris Guillebeau’s writing since 2009 when I first discovered his blog. One of my first orders of business after he published his first book was to drag Redhead into a Chapters and buy the book. I also probably finished the book before we got home.   But his third and […]

Equality and All That: A Conversation

We’re in the basement, sitting in a triangle around a sheesha. That’s me, my brother, and one of his best friends. Let’s call them Bro and Boy. We’re engrossed in a conversation about fitness, when this happens. Boy asks me suddenly, ‘Wait, are you a feminist?’  I stare at him, there was definitely a negative […]

Part Story Part Confession Part Rant Part Reflection

I have big dreams. Some of them a little unconventional, others even more bizarre (from the perspective of some other people). And I don’t dream things for the sake of dreaming, I dream them with every intention of making them come true. I know what sort of life I want to live and I’m not […]

One Person, Many Identities

This past weekend, I participated in the annual International House University of Alberta Leadership Retreat. This retreat focuses primarily on the incoming Facilitation Team of International House but often includes other people connected to International House so everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences and of course, to learn many new things together. Since International […]

Lessons in Adulthood

Adulthood is an interesting beast and it turns out, Mom was right. You do have to do the dishes or they will pile up. You can sleep in everyday if you want, but it’s probably not a good idea.