The Signature of All Things

In one of the chapters of Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert describes the origins of her novel The Signature of All […]

On the Big Magic of Creativity

Disclaimer: If you’ve read any of my book reviews before, you know it’s less review and more reflection. I also […]

Ishqr and God and Love

Back in January, an email from Ishqr dropped in my inbox. I’d read some of the posts they sponsored on […]

How I Met The Crazy One

INTRODUCING a blogging collaboration called 12TOPICS. Each month has a topic. On the second Tuesday of every month, we’ll be writing […]

One Person, Many Identities

This past weekend, I participated in the annual International House University of Alberta Leadership Retreat. This retreat focuses primarily on […]

Lessons in Adulthood

Adulthood is an interesting beast and it turns out, Mom was right. You do have to do the dishes or they will […]

8 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Mac

I get all sorts of computer related questions from friends and family, because I am [one of] the resident computer-whiz[-wannabe], […]

The Fault In Our Stars

FIRST. Let it be noted that this is the first new book I’ve read this year. And it’s January 30. […]

Mending Relationships

Crap happens in life. And when things are spinning out of control, one of the first things that are harmed, […]