Unintended results of design decisions

I was part of a panel last week, and although it was scary (as usual) to speak in front of an audience, it was a really fascinating discussion. These are some thoughts I have about it.

Holiday Decor for the Eid Party

Woohoo! Last post in the Eid Party series! Honestly, I think our house is quite pretty (props to the parents for that) and cleaned up it looks great. But it’s always nice to add some holiday specific decor to make it a little different from your average party.

Eidis: DIY Eid Party Favours

This is the second last post in the the Eid Party series. And it’s all about the party favours. Honestly, this was my favourite part of the party in a way. The satisfaction of handing these to every family was a great feeling.

Eid Mubarak (Banners)!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Eid Ul Adha this past weekend, wherever (and whenever) you were celebrating! I had a lot of fun, went to a few parties, met some new people, reconnected with some old ones, and wore pretty outfits. The second Eid project I’m sharing is Eid banners! I made three, because the party […]

Eid Ul Adha Invites

Every time my family holds a big Eid party, I like to create actual paper invites that I actually mail out. It’s fun, it’s different, and an excellent reminder. And this upcoming Eid, we’re holding one of our largest parties yet.  I knew I wanted a handmade element to the invites this time, I didn’t […]

A Tale of Two Paintings

I got a painting itch again, specifically for an abstract painting. I’m going to be very honest, abstract paintings scare me. I’m always afraid I’m going mess up and it’s going to look more like vomit than an aesthetic work of art. But that hasn’t yet stopped me from taking a go at it once […]

Tips for Better Photos

In March, I started to become more and more fascinated with photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and never thought I took extremely bad photos, but I knew I could do better. Way better. Last week, I shared some of my tips for instagram because that’s what I’m currently obsessed with. But my quest really began with the […]

Tips for Better Instagram Photos

I love Instagram, I think it’s a great platform and it has definitely played a role in my increasing fascination with photography and desire to up my game. So I sought out and started to follow some Instagrammers who took photos I found inspiring and beautiful. I routinely go through their Instagram feed and study […]

Design Process: Grande Finale Poster

As an International House alum, I often volunteer my time and services to them. I love supporting a residence and an organization that had such great impact on my life, plus, it’s fun. La Grande Finale is the final event of the year in International House, it’s a celebration of the year with great food, music and […]

Calligraphy Monday: Creativity is Contagious

Doesn’t today’s look so much better than the one last week? I love how noticeable the improvement is. A small part of me was afraid that my excitement for calligraphy would die in a week (it’s happened before..trust me). BUT I’m happy to report this is not the case. It’s been more than a week […]