Running a Service Business: Operate in good faith, act with good will

Running a Service Business: operate in good faith

I’m part of a number of Facebook groups – some related to WordPress, others about creativity, and many small business communities. A couple days ago, someone posted about their shipping rates having disappeared on their website and if someone could help, because their original developer wasn’t responding. I offered to take a look. The original developer had used an outdated and unsupported plugin that had known issues clearly documented in the reviews and around the web from way before the website was ever created. Yet he had used it, because it was free and seemed to have worked when he installed it.

Then when it stopped working and his customer frantically reached out to him, he gave her the cold shoulder. I also learned that he frequently did that with the client and failed to ever explain how things actually work. It left the client feeling bewildered and afraid to change anything lest their site broke. Continue reading

Design Process: Grande Finale Poster

A Peek Into My Design Process

As an International House alum, I often volunteer my time and services to them. I love supporting a residence and an organization that had such great impact on my life, plus, it’s fun. La Grande Finale is the final event of the year in International House, it’s a celebration of the year with great food, music and dance, and awards. It’s a lot of fun.

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8 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Mac

8 Ways to Speed Up Your Mac

I get all sorts of computer related questions from friends and family, because I am [one of] the resident computer-whiz[-wannabe], and last week a friend asked me how she could clean up and speed up her sluggish Mac. She’s had her Mac for some years now and it has seen good use. So this is what I told her.

There are certain things you should be doing regularly to keep your Mac in good condition – those will be marked with a *. Continue reading

In My Toolbox

Edit: This post has been updated on April 3, 2016. :)

Toolbox posts have been popping up in my Feedly this week and they have tempted me to write a post of my own. Most of the toolbox posts I’ve been reading have been by bloggers who run a business, so a lot of their tools pertain to that.

I don’t run a business (yet), however, I do freelance very heavily and have a few tools up my sleeve to help me make sense of life. Even when I didn’t freelance, I had some sort of toolbox because I’m obsessed with productivity and love apps that make life easier..or at least promise to. Since I love trying new apps, my system is constantly changing. Some things remain the same..others change as often as months. So here is a snapshot of my Life Toolbox right now: Continue reading