How to Buy a Fall Coat

Pick a maximum of 3 non-negotiable criterion for your coat. I chose 1) either red or blue, but preferably red, […]

You Need A Damn Website, Yes You

I’m tired of googling people and not finding anything except an inactive Twitter account and a private Instagram feed. Let […]

The Little Things

We don’t appreciate the little things enough. We don’t give enough credit to the little things that make our day. […]

Overcoming Social Anxiety

When I moved to Calgary this summer, I developed a type of social anxiety. I wasn’t sure how to make […]

Go Be You

I’ve been thinking about fate, lately. About what’s ‘meant’ to happen, what does happen, and what our role is in […]

Fitbit: A Love Affair

I discovered the Fitbit in the fall of 2011 when they first announced the Fitbit Ultra and I thought it […]