WIN at 2015

Last post in my Annual Review series (check out the first post here and the second post here) ! I also turned 22 today on the last day of 2014. 🙂 As usual, I’ve been thinking about what my one little word for 2015 will be since..October. And ended up deciding at the stroke of midnight today. I say my word to myself when I’m in tough situations. It’s my mantra, my motivator, the spinach to my Popeye. I thought a lot about what word I wanted. And each one just seemed timid.

I’m DONE being timid. I’m done being cautious about saying what I want to achieve just in case I don’t achieve it. SCREW back up plans. So I’m putting it out there.

So joining ACTION and RISE: I’m going to WIN at 2015. 2015 is going to be my best year.

Things will break down and not go according to plan. I will cry and laugh and be shocked and stunned and laugh my head off.

And I will check off every damn thing on my list of goals, just WATCH me. 2015, I’m going to win.

In 2015 I will WIN at taking this blog to the next level.

In 2015 I will WIN at running a successful business.

In 2015 I will WIN at getting fit and looking in the mirror and smirking because HOT DAMN I look good.

In 2015 I will WIN at loving the people I love and forging new friendships.

In 2015 I will WIN at everything.

2015, LET’S ROLL.