Today’s One Read Digest

For Apr 13-17, 2020

Life has been a little topsy turvy lately, to say the least, for me personally. The global situation doesn’t help either. However, I’ve been coming out on the other end of it, and gently eased myself back into online social media last week.

I decided to share a single read every day on Twitter. Something I read that made me think, “If the only thing I read today was this, I know I’ll have grown in some way.”

Here’s a list of the reads I shared last week, in case you missed them. There’s no attached commentary, make of them what you will. 🙂


7 habits of highly effective media queries
by the ever-awesome Brad Frost.


Optimizing Markup and Styles
by Lara Hogan


Simple Made Easy
by Rich Hickey


The Dichotomy of Email
by Cal Newport


Meticulous Attention
by Leo Babauta