The Little Things

We don’t appreciate the little things enough. We don’t give enough credit to the little things that make our day. Often, those little things are alluding to something greater, if we take the time to notice.

I was walking home from the bus stop, the sky was clear, there was music in my ears, and I felt incredibly happy. Why wouldn’t I be? I was enjoying some great music, it was a great day for a walk, and I was almost home after a long day. It was more than that though. You see, I had just spent a long day with two new friends and we had sparked. Sparked.

That rare feeling you have with someone new and you just know, given some nurturing, this could turn into a fantastic friendship. Then we rode the bus home together, and I got off first. There was a bounce in my step and excitement in my heart for what could be. Then I noticed how great the weather was. Yes. It was a good day, indeed.

“Would you like to have coffee with me tomorrow?”
I looked up from the article I was reading on my phone. He was standing beside me nursing a coffee, with a huge smile. We had been talking off and on for a couple months. He was rad. We had some great conversations.

“As friends, right?”
I asked. I like things to be clear, games, especially guessing games are not my thing.

“Not at all.” His eyes twinkled.
So this is proof that a negative answer is sometimes one of the most thrilling answers to hear. I was flattered. But then I had to go and catch my bus. I told him I’d text him.

I thought about it for almost the whole day. We also texted almost the whole day. He only mentioned once that I hadn’t given him an answer. In the evening, I answered him.
“Honestly, I like to get to know people a bit more before I date them.”

“I’ll take that. Can I ask you out again once we know each other more?”

Well. A yes can also be one of the most fun things to say.

I was not happy. I was downright gloomy and the whole sky agreed. It was grey with heavy clouds. It was 1 in the afternoon, but you couldn’t see a ray of sunlight. I’d fought with my parents. Hadn’t had any success with my latest coding project. Now I was being dragged to a lame luncheon.

And then I looked to the left.

The clouds ended abruptly, like someone had drawn a border they couldn’t pass. Beyond, the sky was completely clear and the rays were so bright you could point out each one, like in a comic book. Honestly. I was so surprised there was nothing to do.

Except laugh.

Gloom is a matter of perspective. Sometime you just have to look left.

I filled two mason jars with water and put them on my desk. I was getting ready for a long writing session. Every time I take a sip of water from my mason jar, I feel a little more legit. Yes, it’s a trend. It’s very hipster.

And it makes me so very happy.

“Just read your latest blog! I must say, it was a very good blog [post]!”

Dad came home with a small black coffee from Timmy’s for me, randomly. My day? MADE.


I felt a small tap on my shoulder as I drank the whole bottle of water. I glanced back and there was a little girl with caramel hair bouncing from one foot to another. I finished off the bottle and turned to her and smiled, “What’s up?”

“Come look at my website!”

I laughed. She was 8 years old, the youngest one at the Introduction to HTML/CSS class on Girls Code Day. I went over and admired her website. She was an extremely fast learner and had already started to figure out things even the 15 year olds in the class hadn’t gotten to. “Want to learn something else really cool?”

Her eyes widened, “Yes yes yes! Tell me!”

I grinned and thought, so this is why some people like to teach young kids: the excitement and passion to learn new things is palpable.

It’s the little things: they make your day.

And little by little, they make your life.