Setting up the Guest Bedroom

I moved into the house with Saad in August 2018, but all we had done to the guest bedroom was add some pillows, a set of sheets, and a blanket. Needless to say, the room was fairly bare and not very bedroom like. My brother would come stay the night occasionally, but since he wasn’t staying for more than a night, I felt no urgent need to really do anything to the bedroom.

Last week, I started the #100DaysOfAuroobaMakes project and I knew one of the projects I would do is make that guest bedroom feel like a proper bedroom. Since my best friend Bobbi and her fiance were coming to stay with us, I took that as my deadline. Here’s a look at what the room looked like initially:

I made a list of potential items I wanted to buy for the room, which included:

  1. Extra pillows
  2. Lamp
  3. Mirror
  4. Trash can
  5. Hanging hooks
  6. A small heater?
  7. Gold spray paint?
  8. White spray paint
  9. Extension cord?
  10. Extra bedsheets?

Saad and I discussed and set a budget of $150 and I took some time out of my afternoon to go to Walmart (since it’s the closest store to me) and grab some things. In the end, I spent $120 and bought the following things:

  1. Two extra pillows
  2. A gold desk lamp
  3. Gold mirror with a quote on it
  4. Trash can
  5. Two Hanging hooks
  6. White spray paint
  7. A tiny bouquet of fake flowers
  8. A few travel size toiletries
  9. Hand soap
  10. A microfibre throw

Once I got home, I stripped the bed of the old bedsheets and put on a fresh set, tucked the new pillows into matching pillowcases, and did a light vacuuming of the bedroom. I put out a fresh blanket in my favourite colour which is large, super soft, and super warm. The small heater we already had for the basement went in the corner of the bedroom, luckily the bedroom is small so it warms up really quickly. In the same corner, I added one of the paintings I made at a paint night once.

Then I spray painted a mason jar to make a little vase for the flowers. I became really good at spray painting last year when I spray painted over 30 bottles for the wedding decor, and it’s something I really enjoy – it’s fast and the results are almost instant.

I wanted to add a chair to the bedroom because you often need a place to sit down when you’re changing or doing something. We had a mismatched small chair which was really scratched and marked up. I tried to clean it, but it didn’t really help and overall it looked really worn out. However, it was a solid chair. So I spray painted the whole thing. The legs and the back were already white but looking worn out and awful, and the seat was a light coloured wood with a ton of ugly markings on it. Spray painting the whole thing white took about 20 minutes and made it look super nice.

I bought a side table for the basement a while ago, I used it to set down my coffee when I was reading down there. But the truth is, I rarely read down there. So I decided to use the side table for the guest bedroom instead. I added the mason jar vase with flowers, a couple water bottles, a pen and stickies, the lamp, and the wifi information to make for a useful little side table.

Above the side table, I stacked a few of my favourite books – a mix of light and heavy reading, in case someone wanted to read something before bed, and also because books in a guest bedroom add a nice touch. Beside it, I added the gold mirror with the quote on it.

The spray painted chair went in the corner with the throw thrown over it, and the trash can went beside it.

I added the hooks to the closet door for easy hanging.

The hand soap and toiletries went into the guest washroom along with a fresh towel. We also replaced the toilet seat in there which was old, stained, and a bit ugly – we had an extra one Saad bought a while ago which was the wrong size for the upstairs washroom but perfect for this one.

And that’s it! It’s not one of those crazy transformations you see on home decorating blogs, but it’s a room with a bed that became a proper guest bedroom – all it took was a bit of money and some effort: