#saarubia Trip to Pakistan

As mentioned in my 2019 Goals article, we planned on going to Pakistan this year. On March 7, we were finally able to make that happen, and we went off on a whirlwind trip to Pakistan where we visited 7 different places in 13 days, visiting and meeting all manner of family and even some very old family friends. Although it wasn’t relaxing by any means, it was definitely an adventure.


We started off in Islamabad, staying and meeting with Saad’s Dad’s side of the family, with them we also took a day trip to the mountains in Muree – somewhere I hadn’t been in nearly 20 years! In Islamabad, we visited the Lok Virsa museum which was really interesting and the Pakistan Monument which was absolutely gorgeous even in the dark.

After a few days in Islamabad, we made our way to Daher, a small village where Saad’s Dad grew up and where some of his family still lives and farms their land. This was a brand new experience for me which I thoroughly enjoyed; staying in the village meant peaceful fields, no constant traffic noises, a super starry night, food cooked on a wood burning stove, and fresh tasting well water. After that we went to Sargoda to visit more family, stopping there for lunch on our way to Lahore.

Lahore is the home base of Saad’s Mom’s family and where his only grandparent lives. Once again, lots of family to meet and names to learn! We visited a few nice places in Lahore – Data Darbar, a shrine to a man considered holy by many, the Lahore Fort (an exclusive tour courtesy of my dad’s close friend, which was THE highlight of our entire trip), a drive by look at Minaar e Pakistan, and a dinner at the Army club house, courtesy of Saad’s uncle (who is in the Army). We got a caught a nasty cold in Lahore and only recovered once we came back home, but medicines helped keep the illness at bay for the most part and so we did still manage to enjoy the rest of our adventure.

During our visit to Lahore, we also visited Saad’s aunt in Kasur, who took us to the Wagah border to witness the Flag ceremony jointly held by India and Pakistan every day. This felt especially important considering the airspace situation and current tensions between the two countries. We also celebrated Saad’s birthday there. 🙂

Then we headed to Karachi! Karachi is my dad’s hometown, and where some of his family still lives. We stayed with my uncle and had a lot of fun. The day we arrived, as per my request we had gol gappay (one of the best street snacks in the world, as far as I’m concerned) and then we had more later on too.

One of the things I knew I wanted us to do in Karachi with my family was go and out and eat some really good food. Homemade food is awesome and I thoroughly enjoy it, but I really wanted to go out and have a little outside fun with everyone and show Saad around Karachi a bit. My family did not disappoint! We went out a lot and tried lots of different restaurants, my cousin arranged a lovely boat tour of the Karachi port and we got a peek at the naval base as well. We took a brief trip to the Mazaar e Quaid to show Saad and some of my cousins who’d never been the tomb of the founding father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and drove around Karachi a lot.

Then it was time to head home. 🙂

As the first creative project of my #100DaysOfAuroobaMakes, I finished creating and uploading a little travel video of our trip. This video was primarily stitched together using the 1 Second Everyday app in freestyle mode, and I also heavily took advantage of Live Photos on my iPhone to capture some moments.

So without further ado, here it is: