Mending Relationships

Crap happens in life. And when things are spinning out of control, one of the first things that are harmed, tend to be relationships. Relationships with family, friends, coworkers, etc. And after so much has happened, it can be hard to go back and try to mend those relationships. Pride can get in your way. Just plain distance can get in your way. The fact that you are a different person can get in your way.

But I think. I think it’s important to try. Especially when you have internal resistance to it. That internal resistance, that fear, sometimes is a signal that you SHOULD do it. Because yes, you might reach out and get rejected. Because yes, just because you want to mend the relationship doesn’t mean the other person wants to as well.

But you have to try. Even if it’s as simple as an “I’m sorry. Can we talk?” text. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage and time to build up the nerve to send even such a small text. I had to send one such similar text..and it took me a month to make it happen. Didn’t want to feel rejected. And felt guilty because the way I MIA’ed out was..well, to say the least, uncool.

Turns out, it was all okay, and I wasn’t rejected. Imagine my utter surprise and intense gratitude. All I could send back was a damn smiley.

So. Shit happens. Go try to make it right. Even if it doesn’t end up turning out the way you hoped it would, at least you’ll know you tried. At least you’ll know, YOU put the effort in, you didn’t chicken out, and you didn’t leave a relationship broken and added another big regret to your life.

If there’s someone you need to reach out to. Go. Do it now.