Positive Impact

Over the years, I’ve chatted, guided, helped, and worked with many friends. It is always an honour and definitely flattering.

I love helping people and I’ve done it in a lot of different capacities. The concept of giving back is quite prevalent in my family, whether through charity donations, volunteering, or simply helping. The 40 hours of required volunteering to get your high school diploma in Ontario only reinforced that concept.

Because it’s not just the needy in faraway lands that need help. Sometimes it’s your neighbour, or your friend who you regularly text with, or the old school friend you haven’t seen in years but talk to regularly, or the small local charity in your town.

And you never know what kind of impact you might end up having on someone’s life. I know two women who went into Computer Science because they talked to me and decided no, Computer Science is not just a ‘guy’ thing. I don’t say that brag, but to emphasize that you could do something very small, something that only takes up a little of your time and energy, and end up changing the track of someone’s life.

There’s also something to be said about living your life out loud. I share my life online for many reasons. But one of the reasons is that it might help someone. It might help someone to know that someone else went through dark periods in their life. It might help someone to know that yes, you can be desi, find love, and have your family’s full support. It might help someone to know how I got started with web development. It might provide solace to someone that other people experience social anxiety too.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about today. And I guess what I want is for you to think about how you can take some time to make a positive impact. Or the next time someone emails you to ask you a question, maybe take a couple minutes to give them a real answer. Or if you see your neighbour struggling with the snow, maybe give them a helping hand (we have great neighbours by the way. Mom decided to shovel the driveway one day, even though we always tell her not to, and she got tired halfway through and decided to take a break. Our neighbour shovelled the rest without a word, and we only found out because we caught him finishing up when we went outside).


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