Paleo Pizza Crust

Okay, so there are many paleo pizza crust recipes out there. I didn’t really ponder the differences, just chose one at random, improvised a bit, and BAM! Pizza crust. It turned out really good! It wasn’t as crispy the first time round, so for the second pizza we made, we left it in the oven 15 minutes longer.

I can’t say I liked the taste of this pizza crust cold (I’m one of those pizza lovers who eats her pizza cold the next day for breakfast) but when it’s warm? It tastes faaaaaan-tastic.

[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]Paleo Pizza Crust

TA-DA! In the future, I plan on trying other recipes. Maybe one that doesn’t include flaxseed meal. But to be honest, it was a pretty decent crust, and we enjoyed the pizza quite thoroughly.