How I Met the Crazy One

How I Met The Crazy One

INTRODUCING a blogging collaboration called 12TOPICS. Each month has a topic. On the second Tuesday of every month, we’ll be writing a post based on a prompt about the topic we decided on from our own perspectives + experiences. On the last Tuesday of every month, our 12TOPICS posts will be about that topic more generally. 

We won’t be sharing our posts with each other ahead of time. We want to make sure you truly get our own, separate perspectives (+ the surprise factor is so much more fun for us as well!) I’m so excited for this collab!

This month’s topic is friendship. Today’s prompt is: HOW I MET THE CRAZY ONE.

Haha. You know. I came up with this question. Probably because I’ve asked myself this question a number of times. There’s no definitive answer, because she’s one of those people I can’t imagine my life without. So when I met her..the life integration was seamless. I only know a few more people like that in my life, and they’ve all been extremely important to me. Bobbi Reyda, however, is the only one who is still here.

I think I met her at the introductory floor meeting in International House that very first week of first year at University of Alberta. I can’t remember a day before that when I talked to her. She was wearing this blue and white striped tank top (which I still make fun of to this very day) and looked like a very typical white shy girl. I think the reason we talked was because she was the person on my right. I introduced myself, because I was the loud talkative one, and I was on some sort of I-DON’T-KNOW-ANYONE-SO-TALK-TO-EVERYONE craze.

I was so mad when she didn’t invite me to her birthday dinner that first year we met (we’d known each for like..a month or something, I don’t know why I was mad, mostly because she took someone else who I didn’t even think knew her as much as I did, typing that out makes me feel petty haha).

The first time we went to a restaurant together, the waitress thought we were a couple. Bobbi was wearing a leather jacket. I was wearing long dangly earrings. Not sure what made us look like a couple, but we were given a table with a lit candle, and the waitress was very distressed because she didn’t know who to hand the bill to. We still laugh about that day.

I cannot tell you how many times we have sat outside our doors, intending to go inside, but were still there a couple hours later, talking.

I have sat and quizzed her on stuff about the human body for hours. We’ve listened to Shake Up Christmas on repeat for hours.

Bobbi and Aurooba dressed up as each other for Halloween

We dressed up as each other for Halloween. It was the best.

Aurooba & Bobbi go to Screamfest 2010

One night, we went to the convenient store and bought a tub of Haagen Daaz ice cream and ate straight from it. She dragged me to Screamfest and I actually enjoyed myself. We arranged a breakfast outing for our whole floor.

No one was more surprised or touched when she made me black forest cake for my birthday. It was the best early birthday surprise ever.

It didn’t matter how many times we lost touch over the summer or when I moved to Calgary or she went on a summer trip with her family where there was no cellular signal or I was gone on a crazy trip to United States. We always connected again and picked up right where we left.

Many things have changed. I now curse on a regular basis. She speaks her mind more. I learned to be more organized. She will sometimes sing in public.

We influence each other a lot, actually, we make each other do a lot of things: she made me take street jazz dance (and I loved it), I convinced her to take a programming class (and she loved it). She taught me how to enjoy salads and introduced me to Sauerkraut (which I very much love now). I introduced her to memory keeping with Project Life and might have played a part in her decision to start blogging.

You guys. It’s basically a best friend love story. I can’t really tell you how I met her. I met her many times. I am continuing to meet her. And I’m hoping I’ll be meeting her years from now. She’s one of the most important people in my life. Some days I talk to her more than I talk to my family, and I LIVE with my family.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know Bobbi. You’ve heard of her as Bobbi, The Redhead, the best friend, or the business partner.

Five years ago, if you told me my best friend would be a white redhead, I would have laughed at you. Back then I didn’t think I could ever relate to a white person enough to be best friends with them.

There’s really no one who knows me better than her. So if you ever need proof that being different races, having different faiths, and being (kind of) from different cultures isn’t a deterrent. You have it, man. It’s me and her. We’re two gals. And you know what?

We’re going to take over the whole damn world.

So that was mushy. Now go check out Bobbi’s post on how she met the crazy one. 😉