Lessons in Adulthood

Adulthood is an interesting beast and it turns out, Mom was right. You do have to do the dishes or they will pile up. You can sleep in everyday if you want, but it’s probably not a good idea.

Dishes don’t magically clean themselves; someone has to do them and that someone is probably going to be you if they’re your dishes.

You can sleep in everyday, but sooner or later, you’ll realize you don’t have enough waking hours in the day and you keep accomplishing nothing or very little. You have to get up at a reasonable time so you can do the things you want to do.

You can make all the plans you want and feel wonderful about them, however, it’s going to matter zilch if you don’t execute said plans.

Oh, the same goes for goals.

The laundry, sadly, will not do itself. You will have to put the clothes in the washer, then take them out and put ’em in the dryer (don’t forget the fabric softener sheet!), then take them out, fold them, and put them away. I know. It’s a drag. But you gotta have clothes to wear (most of the time).

No matter how creative you think you are, you will have a hard time functioning in a place uncared for. You will have to pick up the clothes off the floor, take out the garbage, hang the coat, throw out the useless papers on your desk, and clean the mirror.

If you want to be productive, make sure you run a comb or hairbrush through your hair in the morning. Stat.

It’s not healthy to not step out of the house for days on end. Get up, put on something other than your pajamas, and take a walk outside. No, you can’t stay in if it’s -35, you need to go out for at least 10 minutes. Yes, you do have to get out of your pajamas. No, imagining it in your head doesn’t count. Yes, you can take music with you. No, it’s not a waste of time.

Don’t forget to drink water.