Habanero Garlic Bread

At City Market Downtown, I picked up a bottle of Caribbean Habanero Pepper Sauce (extra spicy) from a booth selling mostly just these awesome sauces advertised as dipping sauce. Now, I love anything spicy, and this was a type of spicy that I didn’t usually taste, and I thought, pshhhhhwho says this can only be used as a dipping sauce. I then proceeded to add it to everything I cooked. And so, habanero garlic bread was invented!

It tastes great, it’s got this tanginess to it that I really enjoy. I’m going back next week and buying some more because I only bought a small bottle and I’m almost out! See what I mean by discovering and enjoying local food? Onto the recipe!

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Step by Step Photos


In a bow, add butter, minced garlic, habanero sauce, basil, and pepper. See how pretty I make it? That pesky shadow though..next time, there won’t be a shadow!


Mix like a boss. I ended up using two forks later because my butter was not completely at room temperature. And you didn’t hear it from me, but my bare hands got involved too.garlicbutter_habanero_garlicbread

Yours may not look like a little ball of garlic butter, but the point is to make sure it’s thoroughly mixed.


Cut your french bread! By the way, the reason I made this recipe is because I scored this french bread for 95 cents at Safeway. And because garlic bread is fun to eat and easy to make.garlicbread_ontray_habanero_garlicbread

Slather the butter onto your french bread slices, add some cheese. Made sure to have preheated your oven! Put them in the oven for 10 minutes. DON’T be like me and keep opening the oven to check. Just let it be.habanero_garlicbread

Ta da! Yummy habanero garlic bread. It’s got a great tang and it’s…gone with a bang? That’s terrible rhyming. But you get the idea.

Credits: Photography by Brett Taylor and Aurooba Ahmed, edited by Aurooba Ahmed