Fitbit: A Love Affair

I discovered the Fitbit in the fall of 2011 when they first announced the Fitbit Ultra and I thought it was SO COOL. But I was a poor university student who didn’t have extra money to splurge on wearable technology. Especially because at the time, I was in some of the best shape of my life and I only wanted it because I’m a member of the quantifiable self movement and was cool!

Then she got one as a birthday gift last year and I kept eyeing it. I was trying not to spend money unnecessarily and I couldn’t justify buying it to myself. But man, I wanted a Fitbit.

But now? Now there was a bracelet model that I thought much more convenient, and let’s be honest, as an online entrepreneur who had somehow found herself in a thoroughly inactive lifestyle, I needed it.
Keep in mind, the fitbit will only work if you work. It’s not like a personal trainer who’s going to badger you and badger you and badger you and make you do something. But the data it provides can be just the push you need if you’re the kind of person who likes to compete with your past records.

I chose the Fitbit Flex because it’s a bracelet and therefore something I look at, at least a couple times a day. Some days are better than others, but for the most part, seeing the fitbit reminds me of my personal commitment to develop a more active lifestyle. So at the very least, I got out and took a walk.

Of course, for the last 30+ days, I’ve walked every single day, hitting more than 15k steps daily. Right now though, work life has caught up with me a little bit and I’m not even hitting the 10k mark, so this felt like the perfect time to write about the Fitbit (motivation ftw!)

The bracelet is comfortable, attractive, and simple. I’m a fan of tech that does good and useful stuff in a simple way without bulk. It also lasts a decent amount of time, about 5.5 days for me. I just put it to charge when I sit down to do a long stretch of work when I won’t be moving much. It helps that you get email reminders when the battery is low, keeps me on top of it.

You can wear it in the shower, but I tend to be slightly distrustful of taking electronics into water no matter how waterproof they claim to be and because.. it’s a shower, I’m not wearing it into the shower. No. Just no. But people do and it works fine, so you can if that’s your thing.

In the beginning, I was tracking my diet and water intake within the Fitbit app, but now I do that within MyFitnessPal (which connects really well with the Fitbit) and just track my steps, calories burned, and sleep with it.

The sleep tracking is a bit of a novelty, it’s interesting to see how restful my sleep is, but if you want a more thorough overview of the quality of your sleep, there are plenty of iPhone apps that do a much superior job. But it’s cool and I use it because it’s one less app to deal with.

And how can I forget?! The silent vibrating alarm feature? Let me tell you, I DO NOT miss waking up to a jarring shrilly iPhone alarm. It didn’t matter what music or ringtone I chose to wake myself up with or used a sleep app that’s supposed to wake me up at an optimal time, it was jarring and plain awful.

Now I wake up to a vibrating alarm on my wrist. I thought it would be super annoying, but even though the vibration is decently forceful, it does a great job of waking me up without making me want to throw something across the room. And I wake up refreshed and with no ringing in my ears.

Honestly, it’s a love affair. I enjoy wearing my fitbit, I enjoy competing with the few friends who also have it, and it has definitely had a noticeable [positive] impact on my life.