February 2019

February was a jam packed month. We were due to head to Pakistan at the end of the month and that was on our minds all the time – we had to pack and mentally get ready for a crazy two weeks of travel and meeting new family.

My one little word for this year is craft and I have some goals associated with that word (you can read all about it here).

Before I catch you up on how the month went, a little check in with my goals:

  1. Health – I did yoga almost every single day of February up until we were due to head to Pakistan. It was a relaxing but still challenging activity to do every day. Since most sessions were between 15-35 minutes long, I always felt I could do them even if it was 11pm at night. I feel really good about being able to do this.
  2. Career – February was not a distraction free month and I spent most of it just trying to finish up work so that I could relax and not worry in Pakistan.
  3. Travel – No other plans booked this month, just prepping for our Pakistan trip!
  4. Relationships – I made progress on repairing an important relationship in my life that was feeling weakened and weird for the past few months. This was by far the best thing I could have done in this department.

Into the monthly recap!

We kicked off February with dinner at Anju, a restaurant Saad and I have been wanting to try out for a while now. It’s a bit like a Korean tapas place, we went specifically for the stone bowl meals, which did not disappoint.

After that lovely dinner, we called up Saad’s friend Alex and his girlfriend, because we wanted to go to Pie Junkie and those two love Pie Junkie. We picked them up and grabbed ourselves a dessert each and enjoyed it at their home as we visited.

I decided to tackle the painting of upstairs hallway walls. Initially I thought it would be really easy, but it turned out much more complicated because of all the nooks and crannies I hadn’t quite noticed before. It took me 3-4 days off and on to paint most of it and at the end of February, I still had some areas I needed to touch up.

Mom made a delicious lasagna for dinner and it was awesome.

We hosted a ravioli making party! It was the first time I did anything like that and it was quite an adventure. We had some mishaps and in the end, we didn’t make as much ravioli as would have been appropriate for 7 people, but it was still delicious! Then we tried out a new board game: ____. Oh man, no one anticipated how long this game would take and we couldn’t finish it even though we played for 3.5ish hours. We ended up finishing it a couple weeks together when we all came together again.

Valentine’s Day! We weren’t planning on doing anything and then mid-afternoon I decided I wanted to make a nice dinner for the two of us. So off I ran to the butcher’s and to Walmart to pick up supplies. I made french onion soup, steak, creamy mushrooms, and a s’more bowl. It was fun and we had a nice little Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

We had Family Day dinner with Saad’s family out at Fatima Restaurant in the northeast, which was really nice. Then we hung out and visited for the rest of the night. On the way to their house, we got pulled over by a cop because Saad’s license plate had expired AND we didn’t have our updated insurance card on hand. Talk about nerve-wracking, but since Saad was honest about forgetting, the cop let us off with a warning. It bothered me so much, I renewed Saad’s license plate right there from my phone as we drove and then when we got home, I searched the house top to bottom to find the new insurance cards (successfully).

I got my second ever facial, and the first ever in Calgary. I went to skoah and got their brightening facial that was on special at the time. It was fantastic! I came out glowing and relaxed from the treatment that included neck and arm massage. This was all part of my prep to go to Pakistan; gotta make a good impression, you know?

Also as part of my prep, I got a lash lift + tint at Lola’s, which I really liked and is still going fairly strong. I also got some henna done!

Then the Pakistan airspace got shut down a couple days before we were supposed to leave and everything was up in the air. Air Canada and Flight Hub really drove us nuts. But in the end, an extremely helpful Air Canada manager at the airport came to our rescue. It still took us going all the way to the airport and staying there for nearly 4 hours to figure out and reschedule our tickets which were cancelled through no fault of our own. It was a mini nightmare, but we did get it handled. Our new flights were booked for March 7 and we crossed our fingers that all would go well by then.

And THAT, folks, was our February. 🙂