Super Easy Pizza Crust

My Favourite Pizza Crust Recipe

We’ve been making a lot of pizza around here because I finally got around to buying more yeast! I created this recipe during my second year of university and it has served me extremely well. It makes a fantastic large thin crust pizza that has just the right texture and taste. I’m a huge huge fan. We made 3 pizzas on Monday, just because we could and it’s great for lunches during the week..and snacks..and breakfast..and dinner. Pizza all day, everyday. 😀

AND I’ve finally gotten around to formatting my recipes better! You can now print off the recipe for use and it just looks prettier. I’m working on converting my other recipes to the same format. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve even got some step-by-step style photos. Are you excited? Because I am. 🙂

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Step by Step Photos

Add water, yeast, and sugar, mix and let sit for 10 minutes. It’ll get nice and foamy like this. If it doesn’t get foamy like this, your yeast is dead and your pizza crust will be alright but not very awesome. Buy new yeast.

After the 10 minutes, add flour, italiano, oil, and salt.

Mix! I usually mix with my hands, but for the purpose of these photos, I used a spatula..and then promptly started using my hands. It’s just easier with my hands.

DOUGH! That’s kind of what it will look like.

Cover your dough for a bit. Isn’t that a pretty cloth? I felt the picture needed some colour.

Hooray! Your dough is slightly bigger and will feel very soft and pliable (if it doesn’t, cover for a few more minutes, or check that your yeast isn’t dead.)

LIGHTLY flour the counter. The amount in the picture is almost a little too much. This dough is not very sticky, it doesn’t stick to the counter. So seriously UNDER FLOUR.

Knead like a boss. THIS you HAVE to do with your hands. Come on. Kneading dough is quite fun you know.

Roll out to 98%, put on tray and pull to make final size. Ain’t it pretty?

Add your toppings. THIS IS GOING TO BE DELISH.

(optional) Brush crust border with garlic oil.

Cook for 12 minutes, take out, cut, and devour.