Disc O’ Chocolates!

So I had a party at my place over the (last, not this past) weekend. Every time I have a party, I like to try some new things. One of the ideas I tried out is something I’ve been obsessed about since December of last year: hot chocolate on a stick. It’s not the stick part, more that you have this ready perfect bar of chocolate goodness, especially formulated to make 1 cup of delicious hot chocolate. No measuring! No having to pull out a bunch of ingredients to make a rich cup of hot cocoa. Plus, it’s cute! And it’s DIY! And it’s cute! And looks impressive while being super easy to make.

So I didn’t make mine on a stick. The sticks an excellent idea, but I was lazy and didn’t have any stick like things on hand so I came up with the idea of hot chocolate tablets! Like that aspirin tablet thing we’ve seen our parents drop into water? And then it fizzes and dissolves and they drink it to get rid of their headache? Like that! But I couldn’t call them tablets, it sounded more like medicine than something to make a warm drink on a cold night. My housemates and I brainstormed..and one threw out the idea of disc o’ chocolates, because they are round..and look like discs. Bang the hammer, ladies & gentleman, SOLD! Disc o’ chocolates it was.

discochocobackAlright, onto the recipe. It’s really easy, you can whip up a decent sized batch in no time.


[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]Ta Da! I know that’s a lot of steps, but I tried to be extra thorough, because I wasn’t really using much of an exact science. There are different ways to make this on the internet, but this one was easy, I had all the ingredients on hand (or could buy easily), and it tastes fantastic.

Since I made these as party favours, I put them in small ziploc bags, and whipped up a label in Photoshop to attach to the ziploc bags. 🙂Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.31.55 PM

I’m debating if I want to offer it as a download, if you’re interested, let me know in the comments! 🙂