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December Daily: December 7, 2016

I made it to the gym today! By far, my favourite accomplishment of the day. My other favourite thing? I bought watercolour paper today, because I ran out of parchment paper (which is totally not the appropriate medium for watercolours, but that’s what I had, so that’s what I used).

OMG, watercolours look so much better on watercolour paper! Go figure.

So why was I buying watercolour paper, anyway? Because we’re making holiday cards to send to everyone! We forgot last year and it was really sad. This year, we are not forgetting. I am writing out some nice words in my amateur brush script style so we can use them for the cards.

Life as a Creative

One of my favourite things about being a creative is my desire to learn and try so many different things. I do have my specialty skills of course (coding), but I’m definitely a jack of all trades. I know a little bit of calligraphy, so that makes brush script easier, and a little practice goes a long way. Now I’m using it to create holiday cards.

I spent many years scrapbooking, which means I know quite a lot about acid free inks and paper, different types of embossing tools, how to distress paper, how to use stamps, how to make stamps – hell, I even know how to bind a book because of scrapbooking.

At one point, I was painting a lot of things – I may not be an amazing painter, but I can turn out a canvas that’s decent enough for me to put up on my walls – and so I have a gallery wall of art I’ve created, and when people look at it, they go whoa. It’s fun and gratifying to see people’s reactions to it.

I’ve known how to use Photoshop for years and when I decided to start a web design/development business with Bobbi, it was really handy. Bobbi is way better at designing in Illustrator and Photoshop and InDesign than me now, but in the beginning, I taught her what I knew about Photoshop and that got us going – thank you random Animation class from grade 10 and major obsession with anime at the age of 13!

I directed and shot a small documentary highlighting a youth shelter in Fort McMurray – which we played at a concert to raise awareness – while I was a part of the Mayor’s Youth Council. That project was enough to teach me a little about video editing and I have used those skills to create tutorial videos for my clients that they find really handy.

I could keep going. The point is, I try a lot of different things, because I’m constantly full of ideas. I’m great at starting (although not so great at finishing sometimes) and it’s one of my strengths.

Follow Your Curiosity

So when you have an idea, explore it. Try it out, see what you can do with it. Don’t dismiss it because you don’t know how to do something right away. You’ll figure it out as you tackle your project. Learning new stuff is legitimately awesome, when your motivation is ‘cuz I wanna’.

I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t follow my curiosity. So follow your curiosity, y’all. You never know what will come of it.