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December Daily: December 6, 2016

So the thing about working 10 hours one day, is that the next day you feel kind of exhausted. I took it a little slow today, and somehow that also involved eating junk food. I also watched reruns of Drop Dead Diva – the more female oriented version of Suits with a hilarious body switching twist that makes absolutely no sense if you think about it too hard – but really, it’s a great show, and the cases they highlight and depict are interesting and important.

Today I decided that I was going to start taking care of my plants again. I’d been neglecting them for a few weeks now, and they’ve been drooping sadly (one is like 90% dead but I’m pretty sure I can revive it with some TLC). So I watered them, snipped off the dead leaves, gave them some fertilizer food stuff, and they are already a tiny bit perkier – because water!

I like to name my plants. I have one plant, Dracaena Marganita, name Billy, and it’s my longest surviving plant. Seriously, this plant is so hardy. I’ve had it for almost four years now – that’s a record. I’ve killed cacti in under 3 months before, you know, to illustrate my lack of a green thumb, but Billy? Billy has survived a yellowing sickly trunk – took a few weeks of a lot of attention, but the trunk finally did lose the yellow colour and became healthy again, a million yellow leaves, and god knows how many weeks without water, and has continued to live and thrive.

So earlier this year, I decided to buy another plant, I named it Reem, which I then proceeded to almost kill within a week of bringing it home because it needs way more water than I was providing. I’ve almost killed it twice since then, but Reem is still hanging in there.

Business and Life are Like Taking Care of Plants

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because life and business are often like this. There have been multiple moments in the last two years where I thought – that’s it, Wanderoak is about to die. But then, with some extra effort, focus, and care, we turned the tide. Why was this? Because we were learning – and of course, we continue to learn, that ish never stops – how to run a business AND how to work from home and be accountable to ourselves instead of to a third party like a boss or a teacher or a TA.

Learning how to run a business is hard. Learning to be disciplined enough to do work on your own is also hard. We had to learn these two things at the same time. So yeah, there were bound to be times where we almost failed and brought the entire shebang to a screeching halt. Thankfully, that never actually happened.

A couple weeks ago, Bobbi was making cookies to take to a party, and I was getting ready for a date, and we were both on the phone, planning and discussing 2017 for the business. And it struck us, that it had been quite a while, since we worried about failing.

At some point this year, we crossed a milestone and didn’t even notice. We were successfully running a business and it wasn’t just surviving – it was starting to bloom.

You have no idea, just how grateful I felt at that moment. It’s the same feeling when I watch my plant, Billy, start to thrive instead of just survive, because I had finally figured out a way to properly take care of my plant, with attention, focus, and a cheerful smile.