Creating Consistency

A lot of my thoughts recently have revolved around one concept: consistency. This is something I lack in many areas of my life. There are small areas of my life where there is routine, a consistent way of doing things, an expected process that is followed. Those areas of my life are the most fulfilling right now.

Friday date night. Saturday meal prep. Mondays and Wednesdays for meetings. Sitting sideways in a chair flossing my teeth while listening to a podcast episode at night before bed.

Those are just a few examples of consistency in my life.

I could list out far more examples of inconsistency, however. That’s a list that would go on and on. A large part of my life, personal and work, is haphazard and chaotic. If I sit down and pay attention to the way I feel, I can feel the stress of the chaos weighing on me constantly – like a heavy weight that keeps growing heavier the longer I ignore it.

My weekends are some of my most consistent days; like I mentioned, Friday date night, Saturday meal prep. They are the calm amidst the chaos, the moments where I am happiest, clearest, calmest. They are the reason I have bursts of creativity on Sundays. I can be found writing, creating, coding, doing random creative tasks on Sunday that consume me. I have begun to realize it’s because Friday night and Saturday recharge me so well. (Yes, I know, today is also Sunday, go figure.)

The rest of my week could do with an overhaul. Seriously.

So how do I go about doing that? As I started to think about the topic more, I realized that the problem has three prongs to it: space, priorities, and schedule.


I currently live with my parents – my bedroom is not just my bedroom, it is also my office. It’s not just my bedroom and office, it’s also the room that houses all of my craft supplies and where I create handmade projects. I wouldn’t call my bedroom big, but I wouldn’t call it small either. I have two closets, two fantastic windows, and an ensuite washroom. But for the most part, my room is usually a complete mess. It’s only clean when I don’t have any projects happening.

So that’s something I need to figure out. Really figure out. Not just clean up but figure out.


What are my priorities? I don’t mean what I want my priorities to be, I mean what are they right now. What do they appear to be? I’m not really sure. It seems I value not having a schedule on a day to day basis, yet, I just admitted that my best days and moments are those that are do have a schedule. So there’s some sort of disconnecrt here that needs to be resolved.

What I would like to focus on is my work, getting enough sleep, eating well, and making sure I do something active in my day. The eating well part is mostly taken care of thanks to meal prep. The a mess.


I have attempted to put in place a schedule many many times. Sometimes it works for a while and then I lapse into old schedule-less habits. Why? I don’t really know. Is it because my space and priorities are not conducive to keeping a schedule? I can recognize that there’s a domino effect here.


Most of my days, I have the unpleasant feeling of not having gotten enough done, not knowing where the hours went, and a general dissatisfaction with my day. There are good days, of course. But those are outnumbered by days I don’t feel satisfied.

So that’s where I’m today. I’m hoping to introduce some more consistency into my life by paying attention to these three parts of the problem and addressing them. I’m also hoping to add consistency to my writing life. Bobbi and I have started to blog again on the Wanderoak blog, and I’d like to blog here too, perhaps keep you updated on this whole thing and more (yes, in fact, there will be wedding stuff too). Consistently.