Paleo Pizza Crust

Okay, so there are many paleo pizza crust recipes out there. I didn’t really ponder the differences, just chose one at random, improvised a bit, and BAM! Pizza crust. It turned out really good! It wasn’t as crispy the first time round, so for the second pizza we made, we left it in the oven […]

Comfort Stirfry

When I was 14 years old, my Mom went to visit Pakistan while I took a summer school class. Before she left, she taught me a simple stirfry recipe that has always been my goto since..whenever I don’t know what to cook..or when I just want some good comfort food. So I call it my […]

Hosting a Taco Party

A while ago, I invited my close friends over for a taco party. It’s always great to have us all in the same room, and well, who doesn’t love tacos, right? I like hosting parties and feeding people! I think I get it from my parents who regularly host parties and love to entertain. There’s […]

Thai Shrimp Salad

So as a household, we’ve decided to eat more healthy meals. Yesterday was the first extra healthy (and paleo!) dinner we made, and it was so fresh tasting and super easy to make. I found a base recipe online but ended up making so many adjustments to it that it looks nothing like the original […]

A Cake of Chocolate Awesomeness

I got bitten by the baking bug the other day and decided to make a chocolate cake from scratch. The last time I can remember making cake from scratch was when I was around 13 and wanted to surprise Mom and Dad..although I’m sure I’ve made cake from scratch after that too. Honestly, it takes as […]

Microwave Brownies — Quick Fix for Chocolate Cravings

Alright! So this was a request from Hafsa and I’m very happy to share. I’m a huge fan of the microwave and it’s awesomesauce powers. Really, the amount of things you can cook in a microwave is huge. I may just have to create a Nuke Recipe series! Who knows. Maybe. If there’s interest. 🙂

Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta, My Favourite

This was actually my introduction to bruschetta. I didn’t know what it was before..or that it was actually originally made with tomatoes. I first discovered a version of this recipe in one of Betty Crocker’s recipe books. I bought one in 2010, while my Mom was in Pakistan, because it was on sale. I was […]

Yummy Desserts + Fruit Tart Recipe

We had a small dinner party at our place yesterday. Of course, the best part was dessert. Two absolutely scrumptious dishes, a heavenly fudge cake and incredibly yummy fruit tarts! That third picture is of fried fish and a side of guacamole, one of the appetizers at the party. So yum! The dinner party was […]