Masterminding an Awesome Life

Well, yesterday’s post was something different, hey? Thanks to everyone who reached out! I appreciate all of you. (Especially) in […]

Looking to Next Year

There’s about a month and a half of 2013 left, and it’s coming to about that time, when I start […]


Paralyzed. Inaction. Sit here all day thinking of everything you’re going to do and then do nothing. Sit here till […]

Own Your Power

I entered university as a Computing Science major. By this time, I was hyper aware that this was not a […]

Life With a Budgie

Almost a month ago, I decided to get a pet. Dogs, cats, and rabbits were out of the question because […]

My Relationship With Religion

Let me be honest: My relationship with religion is pretty choppy. I have weeks where I think it’s restrictive and […]