Overcoming Social Anxiety

When I moved to Calgary this summer, I developed a type of social anxiety. I wasn’t sure how to make friends, I wasn’t sure if I was going to fit in, I wasn’t sure how to create a life here. I worried constantly. And it was weird and definitely out of character. I’m an introvert […]

Go Be You

I’ve been thinking about fate, lately. About what’s ‘meant’ to happen, what does happen, and what our role is in all of that. This past week, I helped a friend get through a really bad break up. I also went to a fantastic event. And it all just made me think. In business, the first […]

The Happiness of Pursuit

I’ve been a fan of Chris Guillebeau’s writing since 2009 when I first discovered his blog. One of my first orders of business after he published his first book was to drag Redhead into a Chapters and buy the book. I also probably finished the book before we got home.   But his third and […]

Start with Desire End with Integrity

If someone were to write down the story of my life so far and then analyze it for patterns, at least one pattern would emerge. Again. And again. And again. The pattern would be so:  Aurooba has a desire. Aurooba acts on desire. Aurooba learns desire is not considered correct or appropriate. Aurooba attempts to […]

Fitbit: A Love Affair

I discovered the Fitbit in the fall of 2011 when they first announced the Fitbit Ultra and I thought it was SO COOL. But I was a poor university student who didn’t have extra money to splurge on wearable technology. Especially because at the time, I was in some of the best shape of my […]

30 Lessons in 30 Days of Walks

For the last 30 days, I’ve walked everyday without fail for at least 30 minutes, often much longer. I almost always take the same route, walk on the same trail, everyday, I’m boring like that. It started as just needing to get headspace and air, an escape if you will. Then I got my fitbit, and […]

Part Story Part Confession Part Rant Part Reflection

I have big dreams. Some of them a little unconventional, others even more bizarre (from the perspective of some other people). And I don’t dream things for the sake of dreaming, I dream them with every intention of making them come true. I know what sort of life I want to live and I’m not […]

With a Megaphone

I’ve been blogging for 4 years, of which two are on this blog you’re reading. I don’t know who is reading this right now. You could be someone I know in real life or you could be a perfect stranger. Enough people read that I know it’s a mix of both. Some of you reach […]

Giving YYC a Chance

My family moved to Calgary two-ish years ago. I moved here with them and lived here for a year, but I never gave this city or its people a chance. I didn’t want to be here and I made no effort to try to show up. I lived here like a guest. And then I […]

5 Tips for a Happy & Well Behaved Kitten

We really wanted a pet. At first, I thought we’d just get budgies, since I have experience with them, adore them, and they are easy to take care of. But then I started having thoughts. See, I knew I wanted hand-tamed budgies this time, because they are not as afraid of hands, they can be […]