Adulting: How to Become A Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

Adulting bookOne day, I stumbled across a blog called Adulting..saw that it was a tumblr based on a book, didn’t really read it and clicked away. Then a few days later, at my part-time job at a bookstore, I was putting a book away in the Well Being section and noticed a bright red spine with the title Adulting. And I thought, this has to be a sign.  You see, I’ve learned to be obedient to signs pointing towards books..yes..this has happened before.

So I picked up the book, read the back, flipped through, saw that the book was literally written in steps..and promptly bought it with my awesome employee discount.

I have to say, that I definitely enjoyed this book. A lot of the stuff was things I already knew (Step 91. Develop your own opinions). Quite a bit of stuff was stuff I knew but didn’t always act on (Step 35. Do not leave to crust for tomorrow what may be wiped up today). Some of the stuff was stuff I didn’t know but filed away for later use in the back of my mind (Step 249. Use [cheap] hair-spray to get stains out). The book is written humourously but has great tips.

I read the book at lunch, in the car, in bed, on the couch, and just..enjoyed it. It was a light but informative non-fiction book on Life. And since these days, what with personal finance, mild panic attacks about careers, and taking care of another living being, I’m all about Life with a capital L, it made total sense.

The book covers all essential parts of Adult Life: 

  1. Get Your Mind Right: accepting your non-Special-Snowflake-ness
  2. Domesticity: finding a place to live, moving, furniture, cleaning, etc
  3. Cooking: the basics of kitchen life
  4. Fake It Till You Make It: the world only sees your outer layer, let’s make it look good
  5. Get A Job: self-explanatory
  6. Money: living on the cheap..or not
  7. Maintenance: keep nice things nice
  8. Friends and Neighbours: some good etiquette in a non preachy way
  9. Love: no book on Adult Life would be complete without this section
  10. Times Were Tough: emergencies..yours and others’, human resiliency
  11. Families: another section the book would be incomplete without

When you’re young, you think that one day you’ll just go from kid to Adult. But really..that’s not how it works. Becoming an Adult is something that happens little by little’s a process..not a destination (as cliché as that sounds), and we all become Adults in our own our own pace. It seems so obvious now that it’s a process..but there was a time when we all just thought we’d one day wake up and Be Adults.

“Adult” isn’t a noun: it’s a verb.

Pretty apt, don’t you think?