2013's word was action

Oh Action, Oh 2013

My 2013 word, action, served me well. Better than I expected. It had come to me easily, and although I forgot about it for a while, the intention behind that word impacted my year tremendously. I look back at the year, and I see a lot of action.

In 2013 I:

signed my first social media client.

sold so many of my Ace Reading Comprehension Tests ebook.

read a CRAP ton about online businesses.

started and fell in love with Project Life.

renewed my Photoshop skills.

learned basic calligraphy.

designed a report for a client.

created an amazing Eid ul Fitr with the family, with DIY Eidi gifts, paper invitations, Eid Mubarak banners, the whole deal.

held my second ever job, at Coles, part time.

had my first surgery.

travelled to Florida and connected with four little cousins.

became more comfortable talking to people.

accepted my body, flaws and all.

figured out how to use liquid eyeliner.

discovered Songza, courtesy of Nico and Asyah.

played Court Pees.

watched more than 100 movies.

Although, I didn’t achieve any particular milestones in 2013. I grew a lot. I stretched in ways I didn’t see coming. I am so different from the Aurooba who set her word, action, at the end of 2012, sitting on the floor of her bedroom, close to tears, and struggling to see the positive in life. 2013 was fucking hard.  2013 was healing. 2013 was the beginning.

And I am so glad to have come out better. Thank you action. You did amazingly in 2013.

And I’ve become a believer in the concept of the One Little Word, of the Annual Theme. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my word for 2014.

Happy New Year, everyone!