About Me

My name is Aurooba. I’m 23 and I live in Calgary. I’m a Pakistani-born Canadian and before Calgary, I lived in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Mississauga. Before that I lived in a port city called Yanbu in Saudi Arabia. I’m definitely Muslim, I definitely identify as a member of the South Asian diaspora, and yes, I’m constantly juggling my different identities as a Desi Muslim Canadian woman.

Those are the general things everyone wants to know about new people. Now here are the basics of being Aurooba:

Aurooba and friends in university

I went to university for Computer Science, lived away from home for 5 years (even after university. Oh yes, there were arguments about that), developed an authority problem, and decided to start my own business. Somewhere in there, I went through a life-altering illness (very curable but was a horror to deal with), with one side-effect being an insane amount of weight gain, which lead to a spiral into deep depression. Still working on the weight loss and the depression has been dealt with as much as anything like depression can be.

Now I just get the regular crisis moments any 22 year old minority young woman, single, with a brand new business, living in a new city, trying to become a better person, a better Muslim, and living with her parents again gets. Piece of cake.

Aurooba with short hair

I have a constellation tattoo on my right arm. I was in a long-term relationship throughout university and then life happened. I changed, he changed, stuff happened, and we realized we weren’t so great for each other. At the end of August 2015, I cut off about 12 inches of hair and these days, I sport a long pixie cut with bangs. I love it.

There are only three consistent things in my life: reading, writing, and coding.

It doesn’t matter what happens, I am always reading, I’m always writing, and I’m always playing around with code. I’m a bookworm and have gotten multiple awards in elementary school for being so (I’m serious. I won a summer reading contest in grade 4. In grade 6, I got an award called Love of Reading.)

This naturally led to writing. Essays, poems, novellas, attempted novels, reports, I’ve dabbled in it all. This is how I came to blogging. Even after random and long hiatuses, I always come back to it. I love to write.


My first computer was the Pentium 1. I think I was 4 or 5 years old, I was hooked. I created my first website when I was 11, code and I have been inseparable since. I’ve turned coding into a career. I co-founded a creative design studio that crafts great stuff (often websites) for inspiring people and businesses.

This blog is in many ways, a journal. It’s the story of a gal trying to figure out life, grow up, and do something meaningful and creative with her life. Maybe it’ll help you. Maybe it’ll entertain you. Maybe it’ll make you want to email me and we’ll find out we click and we become friends. Maybe you don’t care and you’ll click away. I’m here. I plan on writing more. I will probably change this about page once I figure out what I can offer you. But until then. This is what it is. I am who I am. 

Hang around. Read a while. I’m usually interesting.