Why I Blog

I think blogging is one of the scariest easy things to get started with. And I think the elements that […]

Praying In Arabic..Or Not

I’ve written about prayer before but that was about prayer in its most raw form. Today I want to muse […]

Hook, Line, and Sinker

There are many things wrong with the world. Many. There are many things that need to be talked about. To […]

Project Life 2013 — Title Page

Alriiight. My first year doing Project Life. My first title page. And after reading so many people’s blogs, experiences, and […]

Letter Painting

Apologies for those who may have tried to come to the blog earlier today. My web host experienced some issues. […]

Secret Daughter

This book just kept showing up. Like. Everywhere. When this happens, I just know I have to read it, it’s […]