Oh, Hello There Twenties

And a very happy new year’s eve to you. šŸ™‚ Please do enjoy the fireworks they have everywhere in honour […]

My 2013 Word + A Book Club

Numerous bloggers have some sort of spin on this idea. Ali Edwards calls it her ‘one little word‘, Chris Guillebeau […]

Mountains Majestic

On my way to Banff today with the family.In fact, Iā€™m sitting in the car right now as I type […]

Alone and Sometimes Lonely

I’ve recently had a few banters with a lovely person on Twitter. I admire the work she has done online […]

Responding to Mockery of the Prophet

Yesterday’s post is filled with numerous grammatical and spelling errors, which accurately reflect how flustered and frustrated I was. However, […]

5 Books But No Photo Paper

Didn’t get around to going to Staples to check if there was a sale on Photo Paper..but I did get […]

Boxing Day + End of Year Thoughts

Yesterday was Christmas (which was wonderful, by the way. I hope those who celebrate Christmas religiously felt those great feelings […]

2013 Postcard!

Since the 21st has passed and we’re still alive, I figure I can safely share this with you! This has […]

Bring on the Chai!

Chai = Tea (Also, Chai Tea is the dumbest phrase in the world..Tea Tea? What are you? Jacob Two-Two?) Now […]