20 before 21 + a mini book

frontI’ve wanted to create a list of goals like this for a while now, and since I sincerely feel in my bones that 2013 is going to be a totally happenin’ year, it made perfect sense to start this time.

If you didn’t already know, my birthday is on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, so essentially my age year starts at the same time as the calendar year. I love the convenience of it, because you see, I happen to have more than a couple end-of-year traditions, some that have to do with my birthday, and some that have to do with the upcoming new year, and it ALL happens at the same time, making for one awesome, thoughtful, exciting, dreamy, and introspective December.

It is a gorgeous feeling.

Also, I’ve been wanting to get into mini books. I’ve been seeing them all over this year, and some are so intensely gorgeous. I even learned how to make a full on binded mini album, with tutorials from a famous mini album lady on Youtube..who’s name I don’t remember and am too lazy to look up. I made two using her tutorials..but they just weren’t my style..they were gorgeous..but I didn’t want to fill them up with my life.

Then I discovered this other format! And I fell in love with it. It’s easy and pretty and just awesome. So..I combined these two things into one! My 20 before 21 goals mini book! The idea is that I’ll be filling it up with the details of my goals as I complete them through the year, making for a hopefully substantial, meaty, photo-filled awesomesauce mini book.

I’m so excited for it that I just want to fast forward to December 2013 so I can see it. 😀

But that is not possible. Besides, the end product is just an added bonus. It’s the process of documentation that excites me the most. Choosing and adding photos, writing down the story and reliving it as you do, capturing details and feelings.

So without further ado, here is the gallery of photos of what the mini book looks like right now, and below that, my 20 before 21 goals!

(click the first image to go through all of them in a Facebook style immersive experience. Also, this is not all the pages. Photoshop was being a little moody and didn’t let me process all of them. But there are enough here to give you a good feel of what it looks like!)

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20 before 21

  1. Be vegan for a month (shall be the perfect excuse to buy Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr)
  2. Have a No Spend Week (in fall)
  3. Learn how to skate (yes, I still don’t know how to..I can ski..but I cannot skate)
  4. Meditate for one hour (so far I can do 20 minutes..)
  5. Grow a plant (I WILL learn how to keep those green things alive. Yes. I. Will.)
  6. Complete a knitting project. (I started a purse once in grade 4..and abandoned it. Then a scarf. Then socks.)
  7. Do 100 consecutive push-ups. (So far I can do around 25 with good form)
  8. Get a tarot reading. (I know how to do that, but I’d love to get one done by a pro)
  9. Go to my first concert. (I know..and yes, I’ve actually never been to one..ever)
  10. Take a hip-hop class. (I took a street-jazz dance in university. [thanks for making me Redhead] and loved it, now I want to continue that and take hip-hop)
  11. Create my own font. (this is just such a sweet thing to do)
  12. Learn how to apply liquid liner. (I’m a pro with the pencil..but liquid..yeaaaaaa..no.)
  13. Create a gigantic piece of art to hang on the living room wall. (This is a request from the parents. I’ve been working up the nerve to do such a huge painting.)
  14. Send Eid cards for Eid-Ul-Fitr (because sending real mail is the bomb)
  15. Do the Day in the Life project (so cool, go here to learn more about it)
  16. Create 10 mini books. (super excited for this one)
  17. Photograph the northern lights. (usually I’m too in awe to use my camera. No LONGER!)
  18. Read 100 books. (read 70-80-ish this year. Must. Beat. Previous. Record.)
  19. Create a custom stamp. (because designing your own stamp is seriously cool stuff)
  20. Make 10 videos. (Putting my face in front of the camera is nerve-wracking. I’m determined to fix that.)

Do you have any goals for 2013? Do you plan on documenting them somehow? I’m curious! Happy Sunday!